Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day 2022 with this simple, delicious cookie recipe

National Chocolate Chip Day is coming up on Sunday, May 15 — but who really needs an excuse (or a specific day or time) to make a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies? For Texas mother Jennifer Fleming, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies have been sitting on her kitchen counter regularly, ever since she was a little girl. "I remember being in the kitchen as a young girl, fascinated by my mom’s impeccable cooking skills," said Fleming in an interview. "I developed a love for cooking and bakin

Florida-based mom pays off $40K in student debt after living 'paycheck to paycheck'

President Joe Biden recently extended the student loan repayment pause until August 31 — the fourth such time he's extended federal loan student repayment as president. Over the past few months, some prominent Democrats have to extend the payment pause further, while Biden has indicated he might cancel student debt via executive action. Meanwhile, many hardworking, play-by-the-rules Americans have diligently paid off their student loans as a matter of personal responsibility. Many are still in

The politics of Hollywood

The Emmy Awards had 10.2 million viewers Sept. 17, a record-low according to CBS News. The American Music Awards followed, mentioning voting and politics multiple times Tuesday night. With this in mind, the question then arises: Why? Award shows have increasingly become a stage for political statements to be made, rather than a place to award those for their work. “I sometimes don’t like to watch award shows because they get so political that I think it takes away from the overall meaning of

Digital Warfare: Russia’s Attacks on Democracy

Facebook and other social media became weapons as the Russians tried to disrupt the 2016 election Recent attacks by Russia have left the United States battling on a new front. From the 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee to recent attempts by the Russian spy agency GRU to infiltrate American think tank systems, these attacks aren’t fueled by the brute force and nuclear arms that defined the Cold War. Under the direction of President Vladimir Putin, Russia has re-ignited its ideol